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How to Find the Coach Handbag Style Number

Coach handbags are made with top of the line materials and are designed and crafted by skilled professionals. Every authentic Coach purse has a number of details that make it a genuine fashion accessory. The market for designer handbags, however, has become a shady one that is challenging to work around. Now Coach handbags and all other popular designer brands are manufacturing replicated versions of the originals in various parts of the world including China. Those who just want to mass produce fake handbags do not put the attention to detail that an actual handbag would have. This means that anywhere from the Coach logo to the serial number can be tweaked and forged.

The serial number is one of the most important aspects of a designer handbag. It is similar to a birth certificate as it holds necessary information regarding the style. The serial patch and the style number are one of the leading ways you can spot a fake Coach handbag. But in order to do so, you must first be able to find and identify the style number.

Almost every Coach handbag will have a style number with the exception of clutches and mini handbags. All other ones that are large handbags should contain this number and you can find it on the interior of the handbag on a square piece of leather called a "Creed Patch," which is the tag that contains the serial number. This patch often indicates the country of origin as well as the materials that were used.

In actuality, Coach actually discontinued using serial numbers and now uses registration numbers that are not unique to the items. These numbers are often easy to copy by counterfeiters and anytime a bag is missing this patch with a number, then it is definitely a fake one. The serial or registration number is located at the bottom of the leather tag and it should say "NO." followed by a number as well as a letter code. In addition, the writing on top of the serial or registration number should be written in all capital letters in a neat fashion rather than messy. All writing should be in English and not indicate that it is made in China or Korea.

There will also be a style number, which is the last four numbers following a hyphen on the serial or registration code which can be used to identify the bag at a Coach store, on the Coach website and even in Coach Catalogs. Sometimes this style number can only be three digits. Regardless, two different styles of purses will not have the same style number. The style number is very significant and useful when you want to investigate the authenticity of a Coach handbag. When you have a Coach handbag style number, you can contact an authorized Coach store, department store or the headquarters and supply them with the four digit style number. If they can match that number to the style of handbag, then you have an authentic Coach handbag.

Author Name::Pamela Wise